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Job Vacancy
No. Company Job Title Job Responsibility Requirements Work Location Annual Salary Report to
1 Sany Overseas Global Marketing Research Manager 1. Collect and analysis global market data and project the future market trend to support decision making by upper-level management;
2. Conduct competition research to support value-proposition, as well as identifying competitive edges for formulating global marketing strategies and sales approaches to target segments and customers for gaining market share;
3. Develop and translate marketing collaterals, including develops new literature by product, market or customer segment or orientation, and manages existing literature print review;
4. Participate and lead part of the process for both global profit plan and strategic plan, and drive the realization of global profit plan and the implementation of strategic plan;
5. Plays a key role in developing global pricing matrix for existing and new products;
6. Attendance to industry exhibitions and conferences abroad;
7. Assistance with other administrative tasks related to market research and marketing. 
1. MBA, More than 1 years of working experience in sales, marketing, consultant, market research or analysis field;
2. Strong business sense and superior analytical skills with the ability to understand business problems and develop innovative solutions;
3. Strong communication skills and experience in presenting complex analysis;
4. Very strong knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint and database use;
5. Versed communication in both English and Chinese;
Shanghai & Overseas Negotiated Deputy General Manager
2 Sany Overseas Marketing and Sales GM of Overseas Subsidiary 1. Implement company strategy, make business policy and work plans for the subsidiary;
2. Organize sales and service team of the subsidiary, promote localization of staff;
3. Guide the team to develop the local market, meet sales targets made by the company;
4. Build the service and spare parts system, enhance rate of local spare parts supply and satisfaction degree of services;
5. Develop dealers and promote land acquisition work.
1. MBA;
2. Over 8 years' experience in marketing and sales management in large-scale enterprise; successful experience of developing overseas market;
3. Fluent in English (knowledge of minority languages preferred), able to use English as working language.
Overseas  Negotiated GM of Subsidiary
Tel: +86 21 20271849
Sany Group Introduction Sany group began in 1989 as a small welding material factory. Now it has grown into a global corporation with five industrial parks in China, four R&D and manufacturing bases in America, Germany, India and Brazil, and 24 sales companies around the world. Currently, Sany employs over 65,000 people in more than 120 countries.

At Sany, we believe that developing and manufacturing of quality, industry-leading products is always a top priority. Each year, Sany group re-invests 5-7% of its sales revenue into the R&D, making it possible to expand its product lines to concrete, road, port, hoisting, coal mining, pile driving, excavating machineries and wind energy products. Now as one of the most successful enterprises in China, Sany group is also the world’s largest concrete machinery manufacturer and among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers.

Besides constantly improving the quality of our products, Sany group is also committed to providing customers with all-round and efficient services. 15 logistics centers and spare parts warehouses have been set up with logistics and service systems worldwide.

The Overseas Business Unit of Sany Group opens its arms to welcome talents from all over the world.